High End Vet Services in Coronado

One of the many conveniences of living in Coronado is having an English speaking Veterinarian in the neighborhood. Dr. Jorge Barriga who runs VETS in Panama City opened a second animal clinic and pet store in Coronado. Over the last few years the Coronado clinic has seen an increase in expat clients who have brought their pets with them to live in Panama. Panama’s medical industry for animals is not as developed as many North American and European countries. Medications and equipment not produced here in Panama and are harder to obtain. In order to keep up with the demand for higher standards in animal health care, Dr. Barriga imports equipment and medication to use in his clinics.     While Barriga is able to treat most pet aliments, some clients may not find treatment for their pets with advanced illness at costs they are used to paying. “If you are bringing a pet with an illness to Panama, please do your research on what is available here”, says Barriga. “Also bring your pets’s medical history with you, so that we can give your animal the best possible treatment here in Panama”.

Dr. Barriga holds considerably higher standards for spaying and neutering animals than many vets in Panama. Most veterinarian clinics in the country administer Pentobarbital injections to anaesthetize animals for surgery and do not monitor vital signs during the process. “Pentobarbital tends to knock the animal out for days. It is hard on the animal’s liver and makes the recovery process slow and painful”, says Barriga. “Our clinic uses Isoflurane, which is inhaled anesthesia. Our monitoring equipment lets us know how the animal is doing through the surgery. We are able to keep tabs on pulse, oxygen and control the anesthesia. If needed, we can revive the animal quickly”. The use of inhaled Isofluarne as opposed to Pentobarbital also allows the animal to recover from surgery quickly.barriga2.jpg


While keeping up to first world animal care standards, some services are priced out of the range for many Panamanian families.  Barriga, however remain passionate about providing the best possible care to animals available. “We are committed to the animals”, says Barriga who drives to and from Panama City several times a week to work at the Coronado clinic. He imports Isoflurane from the United States at $60 a bottle, which is used in a single surgery. “We pay more to purchase stock veterinary supplies and equipment, simply because they are not produced in Panama. We are going for the best care possible for us”.

VETS located at the entrance to Coronado is open 7 days a week. You will find Science Diet on the shelves and grooming for your dog and cat available.

Dr. Barriga is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.

Tel:  240-1468 / 270-3217
Emergency: 264-5155