Help Provide Food to Needy Families at Christmas

The Coronado Social Association has taken on the task of providing a "canasta / food basket" for a group of needy handicapped individuals and their families for Christmas.  These are NOT only children, but members of the community who are physically or mentally handicapped. Each basket will include rice, beans, ham or sardines, sugar, coffee, powdered milk, oatmeal, salt, oil, cookies, seasonings, canned vegetables and a drink mix for the kids.  On December 22nd,  80 - 100 families will gather in San Carlos where they will be presented with a Food Basket. Our intention is to provide food for a day, for a family of four. Our cost for each basket is $10.   We are asking the community to pay for one or more food basket to help these families at Christmas.  In order to assure that every family receives the same items in their basket, we are asking for money contributions that will be used by a committee, who will then go shopping to purchase the necessary food. Once the items are purchased, we will have a big group get-together to put the baskets together.  If any of you want to participate in the shopping or sorting, give me a call or email.

A lot of you are going to be gone around the holidays, so make sure to get your donation in before you leave!!

Drop Donations off at Mail Boxes Etc at the enterance to Coronado, El Rey plaza. Write "For Kathie Bishop" on the envelope. 

Donations are needed by December 10th.

If you are not able to give your donation in person, you can pay via paypal to Please comment pay pal donations with the words "Christmas Canasta"

Thank you for all your help!!

Kathie Bishop