Star clippers ship makes line's first transit of Panama Canal

MIAMI (Nov. 16, 2007) -- Star Flyer made history for Star Clippers yesterday as the first ship in the fleet to transit the Panama Canal. En route to its new homeport in Tahiti, the tall ship first will undergo a three-week drydock in Panama to make the vessel ready for French Polynesia.

With the line's three vessels sailing in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Far East (by way of the Suez Canal), there had never before been a need for Star Clippers' ships to transit the Panama Canal. Star Flyer's move to year-round cruising in Tahiti enabled Star Clippers to take advantage of the opportunity to sail a ship through the lakes and locks of the man-made engineering marvel.

"Our guests tend to be on the more adventurous side, and we're always thrilled when we can offer them an exhilarating experience such as transiting the Panama Canal," said Jack Chatham, vice president of sales and marketing for Star Clippers. "Because Star Flyer will sail in Tahiti year-round, who knows when we'll go through the canal again, possibly making this a true once-in-a-lifetime experience for the guests on board."