Panama-Coosemupar suspends delivery of bananas

Since last Monday, Coosemupar (Cooperative of banana producers in Puerto Armuelles-Panama) suspended banana deliveries to Chiquita as a request of the Manager Hirisnel Sucre. One month ago, Coosemupar and Chiquita reviewed the business contract to improve its conditions and prices according to production costs.

The manager invokes the 6th clause of the contract which states that if one of the two parts is economically affected, it would be possible to suspend partially or totally the contract without any judicial order.

According to Sucre, Coosemupar demands a better price from Chiquita or Coosemupar will be able to sell to a different trader, referring to some offers by Spain, Italy and Russia.

Coosemupar expects an increase of 1,25 dollars per box to cover production costs. Mr. Sucre's proposal is supported by the workers union as well. "This is the only way that we have to liberate us of the contracts signed in 2003," declared the General Secretary of the workers union Mr. Salustiano De Gracia.

Coosemupar has 3,000 hectares, 2,800 workers and a debt of 30 million to the Panamanian government.



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Publication date: 11/15/2007
Author: Jahir Lombana