Children's Orchestra Play Local Concert

With the ongoing commitment to benefit education and better opportunities for the children of Panama, the Coronado Club is hosting a series of concerts featuring the Children’s Orchestra of Panama,  Orchestra Juvenile Istmeña.

The upcoming concert this coming Friday November 9th will be the culmination of weeks of practice for the children playing in the Wind Quartet. The purpose for the concert is threefold: An opportunity for the youngsters to play in front of a new community, giving them exposure to audiences outside their locals and to raise funds for new instruments.

Friday’s concert is the second of three concerts to be held at Coronado. October 2th saw the Children’s String Quartet perform, while December will see both these groups coming together for the grand finale.

$10 Tickets, available at Coronado Club will include an afternoon of tea and snacks to enjoy while the Children’s orchestra provide a musical atmosphere.

The concert will be held at Coronado’s La Huaca Restaurant on Friday November 9th from 10am to 12pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the musical talents of local children, meet up with friends and support these wonderful kids.