Halloween Golf Update

OK, here is the drill for the Wednesday-October-Halloween-Afternoon-Par 3-All for Fun-Theme-Golf Game-Plus Appetizer Social!!!!! For registration and creating the teams all golfers/caddies/etc. will meet at Donna & Dwight’s house at 2 PM on October 31st. (#101 Camino de Los Caballeros (Calle 1). We also need a list of people attending the Appetizer Social at Punta Barco so the names can be left at the front gate (or they won’t let you in).


Costs (to cover ice/plates/cups/ etc): 

            - In costume - $2.50 (golfers & non-golfers)

            - No costume - $3.50 (golfers & non-golfers)

Club limitations: Only 2 clubs plus your putter

At 3 PM we will converge on the Par 3 and play an extremely unusual game of golf, like nothing you have ever played.  After golf, Glen & Sharon Rennie will be our hosts for the Appetizer Social at their condo pool area in Punta Barco.  All attendees need to bring an appetizer, for sharing and what ever they want to drink.  Plates/cups/ice/napkins/etc will be supplied.

Any questions call Donna at 6714-3496 or email to dwight_donna@canada.com.