An Update on Coronado Roads

An update on the road situation from a letter by Roberto Eisseman, translated into English thanks to Myra Davidson: Dear Coronadiense:   The state of the roads in our urbanization constitutes a great worry to all of us. In spite of the fact that the Grupo Coronado has a maintanmce crew of 18 persons and spends $10-12,000 dollars monthly  in "patching ", the situation gets worse every day due to the great construction "boom" in Coronado, and the geometric increase of trucks loaded with concrete and other materials with such weight that destroys all our efforts.

 A partial solution in consideration today includes to charge a toll to all trucks and to use the money to increase the "patching", but this does not constitute a solution... only allows us to aspire to bad streets, not actually  "car breaking" streets because the holes are filled with select material.  On the other hand, the residents of Coronado prefer that the streets remain "private", with a right to have an Entrance Gate.
The solution seems to be the construction of new,  ticker streets that could resist more weight.  Initial estimate puts the cost at no less than $7,000.000 (Seven million Balboas). Our director, Cesar Tribaldos, has been talking with the Department of Valorization from the Department of Public Works, because in the case of Coronado- with 4,000 property-owners- an Valorization Plan will be viable and they would be able to generate through private and multinational banking the financing required.                    

The Coronado Group, as more or less 15% owners of the Urbanization, would bear 15% of the cost Example: if you own a 1,000 square meter lot in Coronado, your payment for the new streets- financed for 7 years-  will be $22.85 per month.
Obvioulsy, the new streets will add even more value to  your home.  For this to be a viable solution the Department of Valorization of the MOP, with the ARQ. Diana de Corredora- in charge, must feel that this solution is requested by the Community of residents, in addition to the Coronado Group. Please get in touch with the architect if you are in favor, against or not interested in this issue, and send a copy to the Association of Residents of Playa Coronado, via electronic mail
Grupo Coronado, S.A