The Social Association’s Community Initiatives

The Coronado Social Association gathered at Rincon del Chef on September 6th, 2007. This meeting is held on the first Wednesday of every month and is open to all. The event is a great venue for new and old residents to meet share coffee, community information and conversations Community Initiatives with Police:  The local police joined the meeting to answer questions and present developments on community / police shared initiatives.  In efforts to expand the reach and scope of patrolling police, the Social Association organized a Grand Family Bingo which was held in August. The event raised enough funds to provide three 2-way radios to the Police, allowing patrols to stay in communication with the base. In addition, the Eisenmann family donated a motor scooter to the department.  

To assist the Police in their efforts to control the flow of workers coming into Coronado, the Police offered a suggestion for the community to organize a “Recommended Vendors” list.

In response to this request, PlayaCommunity has created an area in the Discussion board where you can recommend the people you trust working for you. We will build a one page list of vendors from your recommendations. 

The Coronado Social Association has various initiatives that provide support to orphanages and schools in Panama. To this aim, the Mahjong Club collects $1 from each player who attend their games. The Club was able to donate $100 for uniforms through this collection.  

The Social Association’s next meeting is on October 3rd, 2007.