Coronado, Panama, Permanent Residents Petition for Better Water

Go to the forum and see what people are saying about this article The permanent residents of Coronado are very familiar with frequent water shortages, followed by periods of muddy water. To bring the matter to IDAAN’s immediate attention, a letter has been written to the President of IDAAN by Coronado Group. This letter will be held at the front desk of the Coronado Hotel and Resort for residents to sign until Monday Sep 24th. It will be delivered to IDAAN on Sep 25th.

The letter is in Spanish. An english version is below.

Please go to the hotel and make sure your name is on the petetion.

Coronado Beach, September 8th 2007

Executive Directory

Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales, S.A.


To the Executive Director:

Aware of your different assignments and responsibilities as Director of the said institution and your spirit of cooperation, we address this letter to you in order to let you know about the problems we are experiencing with the water supplies and services at Playa Coronado housing development.

We are a group of foreign residents that have invested on the purchase of houses and properties and that has established our permanent residences in this area of the country.

We are very surprised at the bad quality of the water that we are getting. On some occasions it is very dirty and in others we just do not get te supply for several days. Thus this uncomfortable situation is our reason to adress this letter to you, so an efficient soloution could be found as soon as possible by means of your office.

Awaiting for a positive reply to our request and based on the explained reasons, we are enclosing some photos showing and revealing the muddy aspect of the water.

Very truly Yours,

Playa Coronado housing development

c:  Presidency of the Republic of Panama