Less Work and More Play for Roberto Eisenmann III, President of Coronado Golf Development, Panama?

The following is a letter from I. Roberto Eisenmann III, announcing a new focus on his new project. A real estate boutique. Dear Friends-Clients: I hereby share with you that from September 15th, I will be advancing efforts from my new company, The Eisenmann Companies, Inc., following 25 years within my family’s businesses, Danté and Coronado.   I shall continue to push Coronado, though from a different site, and you will see me around Coronado, enjoying all that which I for so many years preached without enjoying it personally…. I will continue as a Coronado Board Member and preserve the primary responsibility over our “jewel” project, El Alcázar, until its inauguration.   Coronado continues in good hands: my Father as Chairman of the Board, my Brother Eduardo, George Smith and our Team.

I leave a part of my heart and soul in the Equestrian Club, the Dry Forest, the Arts & Crafts Center, the Emergency Clinic and El Alcázar, as well as in many families who trusted me their dreams since their inception.I shall always be grateful for the trust deposited in me, to all those who allowed themselves to be enthused by my dreams and invested in what came out from them.


I hope to hear from you, to continue to guide and provide you my support, in whatever possible.My company will be a Real Estate Boutique for investors, Panamanian as well as from abroad, interested in investing in Panama; amongst my services offered, I will serve as a guide in the evaluation, purchase and pos-sales, including banc, legal and fiscal, with objectivity and first class personalized confidential attention.


My new office will be located in Marbella at:


Ocean Business Plaza
16th Floor
Optima Corporate Strategies
Office F

Telephone:   (507) 340-6275
Celular:      (507) 6677-6759
e-mail:       roberto@eisenmannco.com


Warm regards,

I. Roberto Eisenmann III