• All Classifed ads are reviewed and approved before being placed on the website. Please allow 24 hours for this process. 
  • Due to abuse by spammers and commercial enterprises, Playacommunity's classified ads are now monitored before the post goes online.
  • Playacommunity's classifed ad facilities are free for personal users and approved non-profit initiatives.
  • Ads remain current for a period of 30 days, after which time you must return to the site and post your ad again.
  • Listings for sale or rental properties must be placed in Playacommunity's Real Estate Listing section. This is a paid section. For rates and access details, please contact us. Ads for property sales or rentals will be removed from the Classifed ad section.
  • When posting your ad, remember to include your contact information.
  • Don't use commas, asteriks, hyphens, underscores or other special characters in the TITLE of your ad.
  • If you require assistance placing a classified ad, email us here.

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