lemonade stand in CoronadoMax Poirier finishes school at Roberto Eisenmann School at 12:30pm and walks to the popular Coronado Mail Box Etc location to assist his father finish the remaining hours at the store.  Being the son of an entrepreneur, the spirit of commercial enterprise runs deeply in Max’s heart. So, to keep himself busy Max decided to open his own Lemonade Stand.


From 2 – 4pm on most weekdays, you will find Max set up at a table and a large container filled with ice cold lemonade. For only .25 cents you can beat the heat with a large thirst quenching glass of lemonade.

Apart from being a fulfilling drink for the thirsty and hot, Lemonade also offer a number of health benefits. The high vitamin C levels help boost the immune system. The astringent and antiseptic qualities in lemons nurture the body's healing capabilities and lemons are good for the digestion.

So, the next time you pass by Mail Boxes Etc in the afternoon, be sure to visit Max’s Lemonade Stand for a healthy and refreshing glass of lemonade.

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