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Due to the many power spikes and brown outs in electricity here in Panama, appliances, computers and other electronics can easily burn out and they waste power.
If you’ve got a computer, electronics and appliances—and who doesn’t these days?—you can’t afford not to safeguard them with whole-house power surge protection. 
How to protect your equipment from power surges
Preventing electrical surge damage has traditionally been left to the consumer to guess at what to do. Do you buy numerous surge protector strips? Do you spend time running around the house during a lightning storm 
unplugging everything in sight because you don’t want to lose an appliance? Or do you just do nothing and rely on your appliance warranty or homeowner’s insurance policy to cover any surge losses that may occur?
Now there is another option. You do none of these; instead, you protect your investments in appliances and electronics by preventing surge damage with N-RGY Equalizer, a Whole House Power Surge Protector.
The N-RGY EQUALIZER is a whole house/building surge protector and not only protects your equipment, but extends the life of your appliances and electronics. Additionally, the N-RGY Equalizer saves money on your electric bill by recycling wasted power created by spikes in motorized equipment. The N-RGY Equalizer is available in both single and 3 phase boxes, for both residential and commercial buildings. In commercial applications, the company will build a custom box to optimize the performance and savings for that businesses electrical requirement.
The N-RGY Equalizer products are manufactured in the US and are UL and CE approved for worldwide distribution. Central America distribution is handled by N-RGY Equalizer located in the province of Cocle, Panama and dealers are welcome to inquire about their respective areas.
N-RGY Equalizer is wired by an N-RGY Equalizer electrician directly into the electrical panel and works seamlessly in the background providing power surge protection throughout the entire home/building. Once installed, you never need to think about it again. From the second it is switched on, appliances and electronics are protected and less electricity will be consumed.
As the average home continues to add electronic devices of all types, it is becoming increasingly necessary for the home to be protected by a whole house surge protector.
Power Surges
 A power surge happens in milliseconds — a thousandth of the time it takes you to blink your eyes. Maybe you see the lights dim or flicker, or your computer locks up for no apparent reason. Maybe you don’t notice anything at all. But that little spike in the current flowing through the wires of your house can have big consequences. It can instantly destroy your electronics and appliances or wear our motors prematurely.
There’s an easy and affordable way to steer clear of those kinds of losses. They’re called whole-house surge protectors, and here’s how they work.
How the Power Surge Protector works
Inductive loads such as electric motors, pumps and compressors kick back unusable energy into the power system. This unusable energy materializes as heat build-up in appliances, noise on transistor radios and cordless phones, etc.
The N-RGY Equalizer contains capacitors that absorb this unusable energy and recycle it as usable electricity that can be used by electrical appliances - thereby reducing your energy demand from your power company.
What causes power surges
Most people worry about a power surge being caused by something outside of the house, like a lightning strike. While lightning is the most dangerous cause of surges, it’s far from the most common.
According to the NEMA Surge Protection Institute,  60% to 80% of power surges start inside the home, typically from major appliances and systems that cycle on and off, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and clothes dryers. “It can happen all day long,” says Len Melso, President of N-RGY Equalizer, Panama. Over time, those fluctuations take a cumulative toll on sensitive electronics, such as plasma TVs, computer equipment, microwaves, and smart appliances, causing delicate circuits to malfunction or burn out prematurely. The N-RGY Equalizer regulates the voltage and minimizes fluctuations, thereby, extending equipment life.  
Since power surges don’t present a fire hazard, protective devices aren’t required by building codes or homeowner’s insurance carriers. But the National Fire Protection Association recommends them. This lack of required protection results in, as the State Farm Insurance Company notes on their web site, " ...power surges are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage every year ... Over time, surges can also cause cumulative damage to your property, incrementally decreasing the lifespan of televisions, computers, stereo equipment, and anything else plugged into the wall."
The good news is that protection is readily available, N-RGY Equalizer.
Check the website http://nrgyequalizer.com/ for more information or call directly. Call Len Melso 6045-3543.

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