(PanamaNewsRoom) We all have our own ideas of what that means but, Panamanians , outspoken and liberal in many ways, tend to freeze up when it comes to sexuality and sensuality says Farieda Ramautar.

Talking openly about what should come naturally is, she says , still taboo. Dutch born Farieda  plans to  open the windows  let in a few gusts of fresh air and stimulate coffee break conversation by organizingPanama first sensuality fair designed to at least get people starting to talk openly.

ExpoSensual,2011 which  opens in Atlapa September 28 and run through Oct 1, is being promoted as a way to enhance sensuality, improve relationships and raise sexual  awareness.

Be prepared for some exciting displays, backed by daily seminars on everything from aromas and fragrances and beauty products  to bedding and linens, body art  to lingerie, including men’s underwear.(Not quite Victoria's Secret, but let's wait and see) Exhibitors will be on hand to promote body molding, massages and cosmetic surgery and all neatly tied in with  romantic getaways. 
There will be seminars on most of the above  plus discussions on STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Farieda, hopes to attract 10,000 visitors who will have the opportunity to find under one roof,  all the adjuncts they need for a more sensual and open lifestyle. We are used to seeing the guys eye the offerings in the lingerie departments of the big stores. Now there’s a chance for the ladies to see what the cool one is planning in the way of underwear. It could shape up to be an exciting weekend and conversation at the coffee clutches may become a little more stimulating.


Original Source: PanamaNewsRoom

Date Retrieved: March 24, 2011


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