(Panama-Guide) The Regional Director of the Health for the areas of San Miguelito, Chilibre and Las Cumbres, Algis Torres, made a surprise inspection of the company that prepares food for the prison system, located in El Crisol, when accompanied by his officials he made an unannounced inspection to verify the sanitation conditions.

The local inspection was made in response to complaints received by the Ministry of Health, the Regional Director of Health told TVN News. The outside of the company was dirty, and on the inside they found trays containing food that had been there for days.

On TVN's camera, Dr. Torres said within the company they found many situations that would have to be corrected, and he was waiting for a technical report before proceeding to apply sanctions.

Torres said he could not check the grease trap because the lid was heavy, but said they would be checking that soon. Apparently, the employees tried to quickly clean the place when they saw the health officials arriving. (TVN Noticias)


Original Source: Panama-Guide

Date Retrieved: January 20, 2011.


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