podi_lawrence_thumbnail.jpg“I enjoy life because I’m doing what I want to do – that to me is the most important thing in life” says Podi Lawrence. A painting should be completed with Love. Love of the subject matter or just the love of the process “playing” with color and paints. “There needs to be passion in a painting, whether in the subject matter or the way it is painted “

Lawrence is an international award winning artist from England, now living in Chame.  She has exhibited her work in London, Paris, New York and Toronto and received several awards including a Bronze Medal at the Paris Salon in 1994 and  honorable mention by Prince Charles when he chose a piece of her work for exhibition in the Mall Gallery, London.

Passionately a portrait painter her commissions include numerous portraits of business and educational heads, their families and pets; and performers, both musicians and dancers. She tells us that portrait painting is no different to landscape painting and in many cases is much easier. She also loves working direct from her subject, be it a person or a landscape or scenes with people.  She spent a year as resident artist with the English National Ballet in England, sketching the dancers. Most of the resulting paintings are in their own collection.  In Canada she was the official illustrator for the UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival for 8 years.  After sketching the musicians on stage during the Festival performance, she provided finished paintings for the following year’s publicity campaign. Samples of these can be seen on her own website http://www.podiarts.com . Prints of her other work are available through http://podi-lawrence.artistwebsites.com.

For  much of her career in England and Canada she shared her passion by teaching and mentoring to dedicated art students. “There is nothing so joyful when teaching than seeing someone make a progressive step – a sudden realization of success”

Podi is currently working on a series of paintings in oil depicting strong Shadows & Light. The inspiration comes from the intense tropical sun. They range in size from 24” x 24” to 36” x 48” and will be exhibited in Panama when complete. Final arrangements are being made with Restaurante Pangea for her larger paintings, and Weil Art Gallery. Check her website in a month for full information of exhibition dates.

If you can’t wait till the exhibition in Panama you can view some of her work by appointment at El Litoral or at her house in Chame.  She can discuss with you any specific commissions you may have in mind, without obligation.

Phone: 66809414 : email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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